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Questions & Answers

How long will dehydrated food last?

5 to 10 years if prepared and stored correctly. However, it is recommended to consume your food between 4 months and a year.

If fruits like apples and pears turn to a rusty-brown color while drying, are they still safe to eat?

Yes, they are still safe to eat. Fruits will change color when they oxidize during the drying process. Pretreating your fruits will help to reduce oxidation.

What should I do if one side of my drying tray dries faster than the other?

Your dehydrator may dry faster on one side than the other. If this is the case, halfway through the drying process turn your tray 180° so all sides of the tray dry properly

Can you dehydrate cooked food?

Yes, you can even dehydrate cooked meals. However, some cooked foods dehydrate better than others.

How should I store dried food?

Dried food should be stored in clean, dry jars or packed into silicone bags or containers with tight-fitted lids

Does dehydrating food remove or preserve nutrients?

Dehydrating food can remove some nutrients just as much as other preservation methods. You can reduce the amount of thiamin and vitamins A and C that get lost by blanching some vegetables.

Does dehydrating food increase sugar?

No, however dried fruits taste sweeter because dehydrating concentrates sugar while removing water vapor. As a result, there is more sugar per gram in dried fruit than in fresh fruit.

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