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Ivation Pro Mini Tabletop Mute Dolly Cart
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Pro Mini Tabletop Mute Dolly Cart

  • SKU: RLD1
  • UPC Code: 989898414246
  • Infinite straight line and cornering for DSLRs, camcorder and camera system
  • ideal for 360 degree panoramic views
  • low-noise rubber-skate wheels for smooth running, even on uneven ground
  • Scaling for precise adjustment of the steering angle and reproduce, three 1/4 inch thread and a 1/4 inch thumbscrew
  • Works for all Cameras and video Cameras

    With the mini-car camera dolly you can use your DSLR system camera or camcorder camera movement to realize a professional manner. Depending on your individual needs, you can perform both straight camera movements as well as cornering. The two axes to be adjusted continuously and independently. The hard rubber skate wheels are smooth and quiet. So calm and steady shot possible even on slightly uneven ground. Thanks to the three 1/4 inch thread and a 1/4 inch thumbscrew can be mounted on the dolly and a ball head or video head. This gives you in your work added significantly to flexibility. Create your own filmmaking and video production with smooth movement with the mini skater dolly with its heavy load capacity of a camera/lens combination. Ball head and camera are not included.