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Ozone air & water purifier 600MG/H
Ozone air & water purifier 600MG/H
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Ozone air & water purifier 600MG/H

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Product Highlights:
  • Versatile Unit Delivers Powerful, All-Natural Purification to Deodorize, Sanitize & Freshen Air, Water, Food, Utensils & More
  • Safe, Chemical-Free Generator Utilizes Electrical Current to Convert Oxygen (O2) to Ozone (O3), Neutralizing Odors & Disinfecting Surfaces
  • Set Includes 2 Detachable Oxygenating Tubes & 2 White & Grey Diffuser Stones for a Variety of Air, Liquid & Solid Applications
  • Choose from 5 to 30 Minutes timing According to Room Size & Need; 30 Minute Max Program With Powerful 600mg Ozone Output Per Hour
  • Lightweight, Portable Design; Base Measures 10.6” x 7.5” x 3” & Weighs 1.5 Pounds

Ozone air & water purifier 600MG/H

The Ivation® Ozone Air & Water Purifier is designed to eliminate mold, pollens, dust, and other odor-causing particles. By producing and releasing ozone, this purifier neutralizes pollutants creating clean-smelling air. This product not only keeps your air fresh, but your water is kept clean as well. By simply connecting a tube from your purifier to a container of water, you will have purified liquid and the benefits that come with it.

Use this handy device for detoxing fruits, purifying wash clothes, cleaning baby products, and other cleaning applications. Controls are super simple so you can have your purifier operating in seconds. The compact design makes it easy to pick and move wherever you need it. Make your indoor environment comfortable and safe with renewed water and breathable air.

In nature, activated ‘ozone’ is created when a reaction occurs between oxygen and ultraviolet radiation, infusing that distinctively clean smell into the air like after a thunderstorm. Now, you can harness the same fresh, clean, deodorizing power with the Portable Ozone Generator from Ivation. Designed for use in a variety of settings, this small but mighty machine can generate an impressive 600mg of ozone per hour. Use it to freshen and sanitize everything from a damp, moldy basement to everyday fruits, vegetables, drinking water, and much more. A programmable timer and multiple stone diffusers anticipate your every application, providing ultimate peace of mind as you purify anything in an instant. For science and innovation that has you living healthy and happy.

  • Ozone Output: 600 mg/hr.
  • Dimensions: 10.6″ x 7.5″ x 3″
  • Weight: 2.07 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 10.6” D x 2.7” H x 7.4” W
  • Weight: 2.79 lbs.
  • Voltage: 120
  • IBS Dimensions: 12.3” L x 4.6” H x 9.3” W
  • IBS Weight: 2.86 lbs.
  • Effectiveness: 95%
  • Max Coverage Area: (sq. ft.): 538
  • Capacity (Cubic ft.): 1.8
  • Max CFM: 1.6L = 0.06 CFM
  • Minimum/ Maximum Ozone Production (mg/h): 600 mg/h
  • Certifications/ Listings? CE Listed/RoHS/FCC Listed


  • Automatic shut off
  • Color: white
  • Portable
  • Removes bacteria, dust, mold, odors, pollen, viruses
  • Built in programmable timer
  • Wall mountable and freestanding; compact design
  • LCD display
  • Ionization: Yes
  • Electrostatic: No
  • Filter/Bulb Monitor: No
  • Number of filters: 0
  • Permanent filter: Not included
  • Filter Monitor: Not included
  • Number of Air Purifiers per pack: 0
  • Number of Fan Speeds: 0
  • Filter Type: No
  • Continuous Run: No
  • AHAM Certified: NO
  • Ozone air and water purifier
  • 2 silicon tubes
  • 2 air stones
  • User guide

Package Contents:

  • Ozone air & water purifier (1)
  • Silicone tubes (2)
  • White diffuser stone (1)
  • Gray diffuser stone (1)
  • User guide