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Ivation Oversized Digital Led Calendar Clock w/ Day Date And Temperature
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Oversized Digital Led Calendar Clock w/ Day Date And Temperature

  • SKU: JID0312RED
  • UPC Code: 815361018591
  • Easy to read in bright sunlight as in darkness, comes with 3 levels of brightness.
  • Very convenient for the visually challenged, shows clearly the time and date no need to convert numbers to day and month.
  • Show AM / PM status with a light underneath the letters, no need to guess what the dot stands for.
  • Shows the current indoor temperature.
  • No need to be reset if it loses power. Powered by AC adapter (included).
  • This DBTech large LED Calendar Clock is just what you are looking for! Use it in the work place, at the kitchen or at any room. Large and wide, the clock has a beautiful, bright display that shows the time clearly with AM and PM indicator that shines. The calendar in the lower part is showing day of the day of the week, the date and the temperature. If you have an aging parent, especially one with low vision or who has a memory issue, they will find this product very useful. All the information they need, displayed clearly to them with big letters, so there's no need to convert numbers into dates. They will be thank you for this gift. Key Product features: Beautiful clear easy to read in day light as in the dark, with 3 levels of brightness, with just a click of a button set it the way you like it. A black frame completes a very contemporary look, Black case fits any home or office decor. The Calendar Clock can stand upright on a table or be hung on the wall. The AC adaptor (included) plugs into a recessed outlet on the back so the clock will still hang straight. The DBTech calendar clock is covered with a 1 year limited warranty. Clock features: Improved AM / PM indicator lights. Instead of a small light next to the AM PM to indicate the time status, the AM or the PM itself shines out, so you can easily see what the time status is. Pre-programmed and easy to set. This clock has a special memory chip and will not need to be reset if it loses power. This clock is leap year compatible. Calendar features: Big characters for the calendar, it's easy to read without having to convert numbers to day and month, this calendar keeps you on track, without converting numbers to dates!