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Ivation 3Mm Short Wetsuit For Kids
Ivation 3Mm Short Wetsuit For Kids
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3Mm Short Wetsuit For Kids

  • UPC Code: 840102155747
  • PREMIUM INSULATING NEOPRENE - Material Keeps Core Body Temperature Stable in Colder Waters (68å¡ - 62å¡), Preventing Hypothermia
  • TOP FORM AND FUNCTION - 2.5mm Thickness Provides Buoyancy for Maximum Performance Without Sacrificing Flexibility or Movement
  • EASY ON, EASY OFF - Sleek, Flatlock Stitching & Design Maximizes Comfort During Wear, and Makes It Easy to Slip On and Off
  • UV-RESISTANT - Double Layer Neoprene is UV-Resistant; Full Body Design Provides Neck to Ankle Protection Against Harmful UV Rays
  • BODY ARMOR, BUT BETTER - Lightweight Neoprene Fabric Protects Against Cold Temperatures, Sunburn, Board Rash, Jellyfish Stings, Sea Lice & More
  • Kid-friendly and wallet-friendly protection. Ivation's 3mm Short Wetsuit for Kids is the perfect beach attire for a fun-filled day in the sun and in the water. Ideal for water temperature ranging from 68å¡ to 62å¡ and specially designed for active children, the suit's seals are made to keep the warmth in and cold out. The flexible material moves with your child without restricting or constricting. It's like a second skin, but stronger. The flatlock stitching ensures that each stitch lays flat between layers of fabric, so not a single stitch is felt. The premium neoprene is also UVresistant, ensuring all covered areas remain sunburn-free. And with a generous 3mm thickness, it provides ample protection against stings, scratches and rashes caused by sea creatures and board wax. What You Get 1 Ivation 3mm Neoprene Short Wetsuit for Kids Durable structure, high quality zippers, flatlock stitching Thermal & UV protection; shielding against stings, scratches, & rashes Specs & Details Dimensions: Weight: Materials: Premium Neoprene How to Enjoy Starting feet-first, slip on suit like a glove Ensure there is no excess room in torso, crotch or shoulders Lift arms overhead; suit should feel just slightly restricting Jump in and have some fun!