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Ivation Led Plant Grow Light Bulb For Hydroponic Greenhouse Plants
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Led Plant Grow Light Bulb For Hydroponic Greenhouse Plants

  • SKU: IVPLE2712W
  • UPC Code: 840102120011
  • Suitable for Grow Tents, Greenhouses, H2O Systems & Other Hydroponic Systems
  • Innovative Light Helps Grow & Perk Up All Indoor Gardening & Hydroponics Plants
  • Emits 630, 660, & 460nm Light Wavelengths That Are Fully Absorbed by Plants
  • Low Energy Consumption & Smart Heat Sink-Like Design Keep Light Cool to Touch
  • Fits Standard E27 Socket & Requires No Special Lamp; Everyday Desk Lamp Works
  • Help your plants grow better and faster. This Ivation LED plant grow light is a highly innovative solution to rapidly improve the health of indoor gardening and hydroponic plants and assist in their growth patterns. The effectiveness of this light has been proven by feedback from thousands of satisfied growers who have experienced an increase in leaves after just two weeks of applying the light to their plants daily. It is suitable for use in grow tents, greenhouses, H2O systems and other hydroponic systems, as well as at all plant, fruit and vegetable growth stages. Save energy and maximize efficiency. Packing an LED bulb array - 4 blue, 8 red - this Ivation plant grow light is ultra bright yet very energy efficient. Despite its low power consumption, it reliably delivers that boost of substitute sunlight on an ongoing basis. Most notably, it emits light wavelengths that are fully absorbed by the plant's photosynthesis so no energy is wasted (as is the case with fluorescent lights). The heat sink-like housing means no noticeable heat is generated even with 17 daily use-hours, and the standard E27 socket sizing requires no special lamp. Safely use the ideal light combination. For your convenience and for ease of use, this Ivation plant grow light is designed to be virtually plug and play. The smart combination of LED bulb types ensures that the ideal light is automatically produced - without the need for you to adjust anything. The 630nm red, 660nm deep red, and 460nm blue wavelengths emitted are the ultimate peaks on the growth spectrum to result in maximum chlorophyII A and B production. The rich red light is highly beneficial for blooming and fruit, while the deep blue light is best for promoting the leaf.