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Ivation Snorkel Mask - Double Lens Diving Mask
Ivation Snorkel Mask - Double Lens Diving Mask
Ivation Snorkel Mask - Double Lens Diving Mask
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Snorkel Mask - Double Lens Diving Mask

  • SKU: IVMK2203BK
  • UPC Code: 840102155976
  • Double-Lens Design Offers Better Facial Proximity for Underwater Exploration
  • Tempered Glass Lenses Resist Scratching & Withstand Deep-Water Pressures
  • Soft, Flexible, 100% Silicone Skirt Ensures Optimal Comfort & Watertight Seal
  • Easy-Push Button Buckle & Wide Split Strap Adjust Easily for Exceptional Fit
  • Reliable Goggles Perfect for Swimming, Diving, Snorkeling & Photography
  • A must-have for watersports and underwater photography! Dive into greatness with this double-lens swimming mask from Ivation. This is the ideal addition to your collection of swim gear essentials, providing an extraordinary close-up filed of view for all your underwater endeavors. Whether you're a professional diver, a novice swimmer, adventurous underwater, you'll enjoy the goggles' lightweight, low-profile design, secure fit, and unmatched comfort. Quickly adjust the strap, dive in, and explore the waters with amazing ease and clarity. Restriction-Free Vision The mask's double lens design provides a closer view for thrilling pool or ocean adventure. Treated for fog-resistance, the glass lenses offer unobstructed and crystal-clear vision for up-and-down, side-to-side, and complete peripheral sight. 100% Silicone Comfort In addition to the relatively low profile mask, one noteworthy feature is the soft, flexible skirt that 'molds' to the face for a secure but comfy fit. The 100% silicone material's suction action creates an effective seal without tightness or restriction. Premium Tempered Glass The tough panes are crafted of tempered glass to resist scratching, cracking, and inadvertent breakage if hit while exploring underwater environments. This resilient material and the close fit deliver peace of mind when diving into deep pressures. One-Handed Sizing The mask's easy-push button buckle and flexible strap accommodate head profiles of all shapes and sizes. To adjust it to your own size, simply push the button, slide the wide split strap, and quickly and easily adjust for optimal fit and comfort. For All Underwater Adventures As with all things Ivation, this mask is professionally designed for everyone from the beginner water enthusiast to the experienced water sportsman including scuba divers, free divers, open-ocean snorkelers, and underwater photographers.