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Ivation Essential Oil Diffuser
Ivation Essential Oil Diffuser
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Essential Oil Diffuser

  • UPC Code: 840102116199
  • Ultrasonic Vaporizer Produces Consistent & Generously Thick Cool 'Steam'
  • Unique Open Design Features Dispersion Plate for Flowing 'Fountain' Effect
  • Large Water Reservoir Holds 20+ Ounces for Hours of Uninterrupted Runtime
  • Mood Lamp Puts on Gentle Lightshow; Reservoir Dish Disperses Ambient Glow
  • Measures 6.7" Diameter x 9" Height; Ceramic-Like Dish Adds Heft & Durability

    Proper air humidity. Aromatherapy. Gentle light therapy. 
    Enjoy all that with one sleek, attractive device. This Ivation mist fountain – named so forthe captivating open design and continuously ‘flowing’ mist production – delivers a lot of goodness with virtually no maintenance. It brings your dry environment up to proper and comfortable humidity levels, diffuses your favorite water and essential oil mixture for invigorating aromatherapy, and puts on a gentle lightshow that calms the senses with light therapy. This is a perfect solution for your home, office, RV, or other personal space. 

    Ultrasonic Vaporizer 
    Utilizing advanced ultrasonic vaporizing technology instead of a cheaper heating system (found in lower-end diffusers), this mist fountain efficiently diffuses your favorite essential oils while retaining their natural potency on the molecular level. 

    Large-Sized Reservoir 
    The water reservoir holds upwards of 20 ounces. (Max water line is indicated.) The diffuser produces a continuous cool mist until the water in the reservoir reaches the minimum fill level, making for hours of uninterrupted runtime between refills. 

    Gentle Color Lightshow 
    Built into the base of the water reservoir is an array of full-color, flicker-free LEDs. When the mist fountain is plugged in, the LEDs are automatically activated to put on a gentle lightshow by cycling through calming combinations of light colors. 

    Ceramic-Like Material 
    The outer surface of the water reservoir is made of a premium material that looks and feels a lot like white ceramic. In addition to promoting years of durability, it gently disperses the light emitted by the LEDs to deliver a soft, ambient glow.