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Ivation Bluetooth Fm Transmitter
Ivation Bluetooth Fm Transmitter
Ivation Bluetooth Fm Transmitter
Ivation Bluetooth Fm Transmitter
Ivation Bluetooth Fm Transmitter
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Bluetooth Fm Transmitter

  • UPC Code: 840102108637
  • The FM Transmitter Pairs Your Device Such As iPhone, Tablet, Smartphones To The Car Speakers
  • Built-In Microphone Offers Safe Hands-Free Calling (In Addition to Music Playback)
  • Enjoy Crystal-Clear Music & Audio is Streamed Over FM Radio Channel of Your Choice
  • Integrated USB Port Eliminates Need for Additional Mobile Phone/Device Charger
  • Built-In Battery Enables Use Even When Disconnected from Car's Power Source
  • Make Your Car Bluetooth-Compatible Have you ever sat in a car without Bluetooth capabilities and wished you could stream music from your phone or other mobile device to your car's speakers? Do you want safe, simple-to-use, hands-free phone calling without the need to purchase a new vehicle? Meet Ivation's nifty little solution: The universal wireless phone transmitter for cars, trucks, vans, RVs and other vehicles. The only requirements for the vehicle are 1) a cigarette lighter port, and 2) an FM radio tuner. Got those? Well, now you got Bluetooth! Simply insert our transmitter into the lighter port, and you're ready to stream and speak. Easy Setup..The transmitter is actually a simple innovation. It pairs with your phone or mobile device via Bluetooth, and connects with your vehicle over an available FM radio channel. It then streams any audio originating from your device straight out your vehicle's speakers. Automatic scanning makes it easy for you to find an open FM radio channel, and connecting the devices is simpler than saying "get 'er done". Added niceties include a soft-glowing light that doesn't distract you while driving, and a flexible gooseneck that helps both with finding a perfect signal and with keeping the transmitter out of your way. Enjoy Office-Grade Phone Call ClarityIvation transmitter was designed from the ground up with the goal of delivering superior call quality to discerning users. Not only is the Bluetooth connection extremely reliable, the built-in microphone features crystal clear voice-capture technology, independent echo cancellation and noise suppression, and DSP software technology for enhancing audio quality when used with any wireless devices. Even if all these technical terms don't interest you much, you'll still enjoy a better calling and music experience.