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Ivation Ivation Portable Sauna
Ivation Ivation Portable Sauna
Ivation Ivation Portable Sauna
Ivation Ivation Portable Sauna
Ivation Ivation Portable Sauna
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Ivation Portable Sauna

  • UPC Code: 989898939770
  • Advanced Ultrasonic Atomizer Silently & Effectively Turns Clean Water Into Micro-Fine Particles to Produce a Powerful, Consistent Mist
  • Broken Down to 1-5 Micrometers, These Particles Are Readily Absorbed by Skin & Penetrate Deeply to Rapidly Moisturize & Soothe
  • Performs Double Duty: Use as Direct Skin Indulgence & Treatment, or Simply Let Steamer Run as Interior Humidifier in Any Weather
  • Select Hot Steam to Relax Skin, Open/Unclog Pores, Remove Oil, Dirt & Grime, Aid or Even Replace Chemical-Laden Scrubs & Peels
  • Select Cool Mist to Shrink Pores for Visibly Tighter Skin, as well as Soothe & Relieve Skin Made Sensitive by Acne, Sunburn or Rough Exfoliation

    Ivation Hello to the spa! With its innovative double reservoir design, this Ivation steamer keeps hot and cool water separated within one space-saving unit. Independent power switches also make it easy toselect your preferred steaming session. Select hot steam to open up pores, remove oil and grime, and prevent blackheads and breakouts without the harmful chemicals found in exfoliating scrubs and facial peels. Select cool mist to tighten and brighten skin while providing soothing relief for skin made sensitive by weather, acne or sunburn. Skin moisturizer also glides on after exposing skin to cool mist. steamer features: separate tanks for hot and cold water, Hot steam allows you to remove dirt, oil and grime from your skin. Hot steam can open and unclog your pores to prevent blackheads, breakouts and other imperfections. Cool mist provides a soothing effect to sensitive skin whether from acne,it allows you to naturally moisturize as well.Hot steam can promote the regeneration of collagen and activate the hydrophilic factors to create skin that is more tender, smooth and delicate in appearance. Replenish moisture for anti-allergy and desensitization The cool mist will help the body improve its cold resistance capability as well as decrease allergies and prevent catching a cold. It will encourage skin to tighten and shrink the pores, providing you with a bright and healthy skin. Intensify the skin elasticity with hot/cool mist alternation. Package Includes: Ivation facail steamer Power SupplyUser manual