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Ivation Bedroom Lamp w/Alarm C
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Bedroom Lamp W/Alarm Clock, Fm Radio & Built-In Stereo Speakers

  • SKU: IVBT311W
  • UPC Code: 840102103939
  • Stereo High-Quality Side-Firing Speakers
  • Integrated iPhone Dock w/Onboard Controls
  • iPhone Alarm Clock Sync Upon Docking
  • 3.5mm Input & Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Measures 10" in Diameter x 14" Tall

  • Better at the Basics

    The Ivation music lamp can readily replace multiple appliances in your bedroom. It features a full-powered reading/room lamp, an LED clock with a 3-level dimmable display, an alarm clock with snooze, as well as a full-range FM radio. Rubberized feet on the bottom of the lamp base ensure stability on your table or night chest. And if all these features aren’t enough, the Ivation music lamp has another full suite of innovative capabilities:

    Dance the Night Away

    Whether at home, at the office, or in college dorm, the night isn’t always just for sleeping. Party through to wee hours with the Ivation music lamp, which is uniquely designed to produce full, rich sound from two side-firing high-quality speaker cones. When it’s finally time to hit the sack, our music lamp is the perfect substitute for a separate white-noise machine: Choose a relaxing, sleep-inducing playlist from your collection, and let the crystal-clear sound of flutes and chimes carry you away. You can even select the “sleep” mode, which gradually turns down the music and dims the light.

    Simply Set and Forget

    Never sleep through an important meeting again. With the built-in iPhone dock, all you need to do is connect your iPhone. The Ivation music lamp intelligently syncs with your stored alarm clock settings, and wakes you on time, every time. All basic controls are onboard, so no more fumbling for your phone in the dark. You can snooze or shut the alarm with properly laid-out buttons around the lamp’s base.

    More Connectivity Choices

    Our music lamp allows you to stream music from most Bluetooth-enabled devices from any room in your home. Thanks to the onboard controls, you don’t even need to crawl out from under the warm blanket. Control volume, pause playback and skip between songs, all within arm’s reach of your bed.