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Ivation Resistance Exercise Yoga Bands & Door Anchor Kit
Ivation Resistance Exercise Yoga Bands & Door Anchor Kit
Ivation Resistance Exercise Yoga Bands & Door Anchor Kit
Ivation Resistance Exercise Yoga Bands & Door Anchor Kit
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Resistance Exercise Yoga Bands & Door Anchor Kit

  • UPC Code: 840102129144

Work out anywhere, anytime, in any stage of life.
Ivation's yoga elastic bands are your ultimate workout buddy and stretching partner. No matter your level of fitness, our bands will amaze you with their comfortable grip, supple material, and wonderful results. Most notably, this kit helps you achieve the stretches you could previously only perform with a partner. From yoga to Pilates, from P90x to Cross Fit and Insanity, from physical therapy and rehabilitation to strength training and weight loss œ our bands are the perfect alternative to conventional weights and exercise equipment.

Ideal for Every Fitness Level
Unlike bulky conventional weights and complex (expensive!) exercise equipment, this small, compact, easy-to-pack yoga elastic bands and door anchor kit from Ivation is flexible enough to accommodate all fitness levels, beginner to extreme.

From Bootcamp to Camping
Make this your go-to kit for go-anywhere fitness and wellness. It's ideal for yoga, Pilates, P90x, CrossFit, Insanity, physical therapy, weight loss and more, and readily goes wherever you do œ from home to the gym, from the office to global travel.

2 Bands for Full-Body Fitness
Train your arms, legs, abs, and shoulder and back muscles. The heavy band is perfect for daily exercises and full-body strength, while the medium band is great for lighter work as well as for muscle rejuvenation, Pilates and warm-up stretches.

What's in the Box?
34" x 2" Yoga Band (Medium)
40" x 2" Yoga Band (Heavy)
Door Anchor
User Guide

  • Band Kit is Perfect Alternative to Conventional Weights & Exercise Equipment
  • Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, P90x, CrossFit, Insanity, Physical Therapy & Weight Loss
  • Rapidly Tones Arms, Legs, Abs, Shoulder & Back; Suitable for All Fitness Levels
  • Wonderful Choice for Gently Invigorating Pre-or Post-Natal Exercise Regimen
  • Supple Handles are Gentle on Skin; Doesn't Snap or Tear; Emits No Latex Odor