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Ivation Wireless High-Power 1000mW Wi-Fi Signal Booster
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Wireless High-Power 1000mW Wi-Fi Signal Booster

  • SKU: IVASB2000
  • UPC Code: 840102169447
  • OMNIDIRECTIONAL WIRELESS BOOST – Instantly Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal’s Reach In Every Direction for a Seamless Coverage Canopy Across Your Entire Space
  • 20X YOUR ORIGINAL SIGNAL POWER – Strengthen Your Wireless Signal to a Whopping 1000mw of Wireless Power for Maximum Range & Throughput
  • 3x YOUR ORIGINAL SIGNAL Distance – Utilize All That Newfound Power Over Greater Expanses with a Threefold Increase in Your Wireless Network Range
  • CLEANER CONNECTION W/FILTERS – Impressive Signal Filters Deliver the Clear, Clean Wireless You Need with an Overall 4x Improvement in Performance
  • PLUG & PLAY & PLAY & PLAY – With Multiple Simple Installation Options, You Can Set Up in a Moment & Keep Browsing, Playing & Streaming All Day Long
Do more with ‘less: Upgrade your wireless range and speed in every way. The High-Power Wi-Fi Signal Booster by Ivation is a simple and inexpensive way to greatly improve the range and performance of your wireless network. Average wireless routers and adapters have an average output power of only 50mW. Ivation’s Signal Booster packs an incredible 1000mW of wireless power, which is as much as 20 times anything you have had until now! Operation is super simple: just connect our booster in place of the current antenna on your certified Wi-Fi device and you are ready to go. Special signal filters also ensure a safe, clean and Wi-Fi friendly environment. So, stop struggling with weak Wi-Fi signals and slow internet speeds, and give your wireless network this easy, affordable upgrade today. Overall Better Wi-Fi Coverage Easily achieve improved Wi-Fi coverage and performance without replacing your wireless device. Simply replace your current antenna with the Ivation signal booster, and enjoy a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire home or office. Boost Beyond Normal Range This high gain omnidirectional antenna will give your wireless signal’s range a boost in every direction, allowing your certified Wi-Fi device to serve up to 3 times its normal range. Increase your internet speeds within a 360-degree radius. More Signal, More Power Most wireless routers, access points and adapters have Wi-Fi output powers of only 50mW or less. By using our signal booster, you can instantly increase your signal strength by as much as 20 times, to an amazing 1000mW of wireless power. Easy Installation & Operation The Ivation antenna swivels and detaches from the base for many installation options. Our booster is compatible with certified 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi devices with detachable antennas. Simply replace original antenna with our booster, and hit the cloud running.