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Ivation Meat Thermometer & Timer
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Meat Thermometer & Timer

  • UPC Code: 840102143034
  • This Advanced Digital Thermometer Reads Precise Temperatures and Features sound Alerts and a Timer
  • This Instant Read Thermometer has a Practical Freestanding Design; Securing Magnets are also Built-In for Affixing Unit to Grill, Oven or Pit
  • This Food Thermometer has an Innovative Memory Feature that Stores Settings for Quick Recall of Favorite Use Temps (including custom temperatures and F/C Settings)
  • This Kitchen Thermometer comes a Waterproof Stainless Steel Probe that is Heat Resistant (572å¡F) for Inside of a BBQ, Oven, Pit or Grill
  • This BBQ Thermometer has a Backlit Touchscreen Screen and is Programmable for Doneness, Meat Type (chicken, Beef, Veal, Pork, Lamb Fish Ect) & More
  • Ivation's Touchscreen Digital Thermometer is designed for Meat, Cooking, Baking, BBQ and culinary mastery. Choose from a variety of preloaded cooking temperatures for steaks, pork, poultry, fish and more, or set your preference with the intuitive touchscreen display. This device features an easy-to-navigate programmer with timer, alerts, and memory recall (stores custom settings), and premium heat-resistant materials probe that withstand years of roasting, grilling, baking and broiling. Reliable Accuracy Our reconfigured thermometer delivers temp reading accuracy up to 572å¡F. The Built in alarm sounds as soon as your meat reaches your preset (or preprogramed) temp so you never overcook food. Touchscreen Convenience The touchscreen is backlit (touch activated) and displays large text, simple settings, andå¡F default (switchable toå¡C). Select from 4 meats doneness levels or ideal cooking temps for poultry and more. Advanced Memory Capability Powered by 2 AAA batteries, our Touchscreen Digital Thermometer smartly stores your preferred settings so you never have to reprogram it: Simply set your own temps, override factory presets, and your settings are recalled upon power-up. Progressive Probe Design The Waterproof & Heat-resistant Probe is constructed of aluminum and stainless to enable you to keep the probe in Moist place under conditions up to 572å¡F, while the Teflon wire is safe up to 662å¡F and connects to the monitor with a generous 39.3" reach. Diverse Display Options Whether BBQing or working in the kitchen, a built-in foldout stand perches the thermometer at the perfect angle for easy readability. Alternatively, a magnetic back helps secure the thermometer to your grill, oven, or nearby surface.