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Ivation Ivation 31
Ivation Ivation 31
Ivation Ivation 31
Ivation Ivation 31
Ivation Ivation 31
Ivation Ivation 31
Ivation Ivation 31
Ivation Ivation 31
Ivation Ivation 31
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Ivation 31" Standing Desk

  • UPC Code: 840102179811

Easily Adjust Desk Height Between Sitting & Standing Positions – Dual Surfaces Perfect for Monitor & Keyboard – No Installation or Assembly Required

  • WORK AT ANY HEIGHT - Push Buttons On Either Side Of Desk & Easily Raise Or Lower Entire Workstation To Your Ideal Height For Sitting Or Standing
  • DEDICATED KEYBOARD TRAY - Conveniently Located Lower Tray Fits Any Standard Keyboard; Keeps It Comfortably Aligned With Hands Relative To Monitor
  • LARGEST HEIGHT RANGE - Ivation Standing Desk Can Travel Both Lower & Higher Than Most Competing Versions, Ensuring Your Comfort In Any Position
  • NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED - Simply Remove Your Standing Desk From Box, Place On Existing Desk, Remove Cord & Pad Packaging, & It Is Ready To Use
  • MANY HEALTH BENIFITS - Increase Productivity By Improving Mood & Energy Levels; Reduce Back & Neck Pain; Lower Risk Of Weight Gain & Heart Disease

    Work as you wish: Sitting, standing, or anywhere in between!

    If you spend many hours sitting at a computer, you can greatly improve your health by using the Standing Desk by Ivation. Scientific studies are continuing to reveal the many benefits of periodically standing as you work at a desk throughout the day. Increased energy levels and productivity, improved mood, decreased back pain, extended life-span, and lowered risks for weight gain, obesity and heart disease, are just a few of the proven benefits that a standing desk can bring you. This Ivation-quality desk makes it as easy as pushing a button to switch from sitting at your computer to standing. With an extended height range, you can achieve optimum comfort in nearly any sitting or standing position. And don’t worry about complicated assembly, it comes ready to use straight out of the box with no installation required. Start reaping the benefits and take a stand to healthier working today!

    What You Get

    • Standing desk – assembled
    • User manual
    • The ability to work healthier

      Specs & Details

      • Base dimensions: 23 inches x 29 inches
      • Workspace dimensions: 15 inches x 31 inches
      • Keyboard tray dimensions: 25 inches wide
      • Height: 5 inches-18’/2 inches
      • Weight: 36 pounds

      How to Enjoy

      • Place standing desk onto your existing desk
      • Remove plastic cords and wooden packaging pads
      • Easily adjust height by pushing buttons on either side of desk and raising or lowering the entire workstation
      • Place your monitor and keyboard onto desk’s designated surfaces
      • Enjoy the many benefits of standing while you work