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Ivation Silicone Solid Swimming Cap
Swim Cap - Silicone Solid Swim
Swim Cap - Silicone Solid Swim
Ivation Silicone Solid Swimming Cap
Ivation Silicone Solid Swimming Cap
Ivation Silicone Solid Swimming Cap
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Silicone Solid Swimming Cap

  • UPC Code: 840102125443
  • Premium Silicone Cap Allows Your Head to Breathe for Exceptional Comfort
  • Snug Fit Protects Head, Hair & Ears, Reduces Drag & Prevents Annoying Slips
  • Versatile, Stretchy Material Enables Cap to Expand to Double its Original Size
  • Long-Lasting Material Never Loses its Shape & Always Remains Easy to Clean
  • Attractive Solid Color is Perfect for Everyone - Professional to Amateur Alike

  • Get your head in the game in style and comfort.
    This new silicone solid swim cap from Ivation Aqua is the first choice for both competitive and leisurely swimmers looking for comfy, secure protection. Constructed of stretchy, durable silicone material, it fits almost all head sizes and won’t lose its shape even with years of continued use. Season after season, the full-coverage swim cap warms your head, tucks away hair, and eliminates air pockets to help you obtain optimal speeds in the water. Now you can gain a competitive edge while hitting the pool in high style.

    Snug but relaxed fit.
    The sleek cap’s silicone material provides unmatched comfort as it allows your head to breathe and move naturally. Its shaping capabilities also deliver superior protection while optimizing conditions for high speed and low drag in the water.

    Competition, beware!
    It’s all you for the win. Outfitted with an Ivation Aqua cap, you’ll be protecting your hair, scalp, and ears from harmful chlorine and UV, as well as enjoying a perfect fit that eliminates unwanted drag, bubbles, and annoying slipping/sliding.

    One stretchy size fits all.
    The relatively small cap measures in at just 7.5 x 9 x 0.1 inches, yet easily stretches and doubles in size as needed thanks to the premium silicone material. This makes it the ideal swim cap for men and women of all ages and competitive abilities.

    Dependable durability.
    The reliable material is designed to maintain its dome shape despite repeated stretching. All in all, this is a truly low-maintenance cap that’s easy to wipe clean and dry, so you can enjoy years of water activity without wear, tear or extra work.

    Professional solid color.
    Unlike distracting swim cap patterns, Ivation Aqua swim caps are finished in a single solid color that represents and respects the art of competitive watersports. You’ll fit right in at the pool, the club,