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Ivation Ivation 20W LED Nail Polish Dryer / Lamp / Light
Ivation Ivation 20W LED Nail Polish Dryer / Lamp / Light
Ivation Ivation 20W LED Nail Polish Dryer / Lamp / Light
Ivation Ivation 20W LED Nail Polish Dryer / Lamp / Light
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Ivation 20W LED Nail Polish Dryer / Lamp / Light

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  • Long-Life LED Bulbs for Quick Drying w/o Heat
  • 1/40,000th the UV Exposure of Traditional Lamps
  • One-Button Operation w/Automatic Shutoff
  • Timer Presets: 30/60/90 Seconds & 30 Minutes
  • digital Disply timer conveniently tracks the remaining time

Rather Safe Than Sorry. 
The Ivation professional LED manicure lamp effectively dries and cures professional manicures. It is intended to replace UV lamps with far less harmful LED light. In recent years, public awareness has been rising with regards to the dangers of UV radiation, which may include damage to eyes, nails and skin, including skin aging and skin cancer. It is estimated that users would need approximately 40,000 sessions with our LED lamp to be exposed to the same amount of UV light as a single session with a traditional UV lamp.

Bring In More Customers. 
When you run a salon or parlor, you pride yourself in earning your living by beautifying your patrons. So why would you put your customers at risk? Save their skin, and show them that you care for their well-being as well as for their beauty by swapping out your dangerous lamps for their LED counterparts. Not only will you be doing the right thing by them, you may even enjoy an increase in foot traffic. Be smart. Be forward thinking. Choose the Ivation professional LED manicure lamp.

Cutting-Edge Convenience. 
Thanks to its LED nature, the lamp is a lot more compact, ergonomic and comfortable to use than traditional UV lamps. Customers can activate it with the press of a single button and don't need to fiddle with dials that could ruin their freshly done nail work. With 4 timer presets, getting the right amount of light is fast and easy. Individual buttons start perfectly timed sessions of 30, 60 or 90 seconds, or 30 Minutes. The lamp shuts off automatically as soon as the timer expires.