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Ivation 12V Multipurpose Electric Water Sprayer Washer w/ Water Tank
Ivation 12V Multipurpose Electric Water Sprayer Washer w/ Water Tank
Ivation 12V Multipurpose Electric Water Sprayer Washer w/ Water Tank
Ivation 12V Multipurpose Electric Water Sprayer Washer w/ Water Tank
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12V Multipurpose Electric Water Sprayer Washer w/ Water Tank

  • UPC Code: 840102135404
  • Capable Washer is Powered by Rechargeable 12V Battery, Car Port or Home Plug
  • Impressive 60-Watt Diaphragm Motor Pump & Continuous Trigger Nozzle
  • Operating Pressure Maximum is a Gentle 130.5 Pounds per Square Inch
  • Measures 14 Inches x 9 Inches x 21 Inches; Weighs in at Under 17 Pounds - 1 year limited warranty
  • Durable 19.6-Foot Flexible Hose; 4.5-Gallon Water Reservoir Capacity

  • Go with the flow – anywhere, anytime.
    Ivation’s 12V Electric Washer turns four and a half gallons of water into a truly portable washing system that you can take anywhere. From hosing off your camping and boating gear, to cleaning your car or RV, to playing with your kids and pets, to watering your plants and bushes, to enjoying the ultimate portable outdoor shower – the list of possible uses and applications for this wonderful washer on wheels is quite endless. It’s also self sufficient, functioning as a standalone, lightweight, all-inclusive portable washing system.

    Integrated 12-Volt Car Charger
    By drawing power directly from your vehicle's cigarette lighter, this washer is easily the most portable and useable solution available. You'll be amazed at how it’s
    such a viable helper – from Sunday car washing to Saturday night party cleanup.
    Continuous Trigger ‘Gun’ Nozzle
    Packing the 60W diaphragm motor pump into this portable, lightweight design was no mean feat, and the continuous trigger nozzle makes the most of its power:
    Simply hold down the trigger for a non-stop spray, and let go to cut off the flow.

    3 Interchangeable Tips included
    Twisting the direct sprayer tip adjusts the water from a focused jet to a wider mist spray; the shower attachment is perfect for washing off after a day at the beach,
    etc.; and the brush attachment makes car washing and pet cleaning a breeze.

    Gentle, Reliable Output Pressure
    The washer’s maximum operating pressure is rated at up to 130.5 PSI. This means you won't get an aggressive pressure-washer, but rather enjoy a nice, gentle
    stream that is actually manageable and exceptionally useful in everyday real life.

    Self-Sufficient All-in-One Solution
    Box contents include the rolling 4.5-gallon water tank, the 19.6-foot flexible hose, the continuous spray gun, the 12V car power cord, and a detailed user’s manual.
    Everything but water is included to get you going with the flow right out the box.

    Designed for Active Outdoor Use
    Measuring in at a portable 14” x 9” x 21” and weighing it at under 17 pounds, this sprayer washer from Ivation is both heavy hitting and lightweight. Best of all, you
    can use it on outdoor adventures with confidence in our 1-year limited warranty.