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Ivation Ivation Women's Full Body Wetsuit Sport Skin
Ivation Ivation Women's Full Body Wetsuit Sport Skin
Ivation Ivation Women's Full Body Wetsuit Sport Skin
Ivation Ivation Women's Full Body Wetsuit Sport Skin
Ivation Ivation Women's Full Body Wetsuit Sport Skin
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Ivation Women's Full Body Wetsuit Sport Skin

  • UPC Code: 840102148589
  • Multisport Full Body Wetsuit Protects Against Cold Temperatures, Jellyfish, Sea Lice & Other Water Threats
  • Dual-Layer UV-Resistant Material Provides Reliable Insulation While Blocking the Sun's Harmful Rays
  • Sleek Nylon is Durable yet Weightless; Coverage Prevents Sunburn from Neck to Wrists to Ankles
  • Slips On & Off Quickly & Easily with Heavy Duty PK Plastic Front Zipper; Foot Stirrups Keep Legs in Place
  • Perfect Form Fit Enhances Range of Motion & Supports Movement; Ideal for Running & Other Sports

    Protection for all your adventures-underwater and above it! Defend yourself against the harsh sun and even harsher underwater pests with Ivation's Full Body Aqua Wetsuit. Designed for optimal flexibility and maximum range of natural motion, our unique nylon-blend material offers safety and comfort for diving, snorkeling, swimming, running, and other all-weather sports and activities. Dual-layer design provides exceptional defense against stinging and biting sea parasites, while the suit's base layer also features superior UV and rash protection. If you're participating in a triathlon or similar multisport event, the wetsuit's sleek contoured fit, lightweight construction, and easy front zipper reduce drag, boost mobility, and enable you to change in a flash. Stay warm, comfortable, fast and fierce-and never be the victim of a dreaded jellyfish again! Superior Layered Design The full-body design perfectly complements your other underwater protective gear, optimizing performance in diving, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and more. The base layer also protects from jellyfish, sea lice, and other parasites. Full UV Spectrum Protection Underwater and above it, complete body coverage provides you with reliable all-day defense against the sun's deadly rays. In colder conditions, the base layer adds warmth to keep your body temp within performance range. Peak Comfort & Perfect Fit The suit's unique UV-resistant nylon blend makes for a soft, flexible feel that won't irritate your skin like other form-fitting suits. At the bottom, stirrups wrap your feet to ensure the suit's legs don't bunch up while you're active. Glide-On & Glide-Off Ease Although the skin fits like a glove, it features a full-length front zipper that enables quick changing. The high-quality PK zipper sits flush and won't snag, rip, or break over time, while our material's flexibility increases your dexterity.