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Ivation Handheld Laser Distance Measure
Ivation Handheld Laser Distance Measure
Ivation Handheld Laser Distance Measure
Ivation Handheld Laser Distance Measure
Ivation Handheld Laser Distance Measure
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Handheld Laser Distance Measure

  • SKU: IVALM58
  • UPC Code: 840102123913
  • Instantly Measures Distance (Linear), Area (Squared) & Volume (Cubic)
  • Features Measuring Additions, Subtractions & Pythagorean Calculation
  • Performs Up to 5,000 Measuring Events on Two AAA Batteries (Included)
  • Measuring Range is 1.64 Feet to 262 Feet; Accuracy is Rated at å±0.059"
  • Backlit LCD Display; Bonus Carrying Pouch & Wrist Strap Included Free
  • Measure any room in an instant.With Ivation's lineup of handheld laser distance meters, you can easily and instantly get accurate measurements of your rooms, attics, garages and other spaces. This particular meter features a 1.64'-262' range, with distance, area, and cubic measuring units. Even Pythagorean calculation is made easy at the touch of a button. Whether you're a contractor, an interior designer, a wall surface artist, or an avid do-it-yourselfer, your Ivation laser distance meter is sure to become the most indispensible tools in your box.Add, subtract, and set reference.All Ivation laser distance meters feature flexible measuring capabilities. Among others, these include adding and subtracting specific measurements to and from a combined room 'profile' - at the touch of a button. You can also set the reference (or zero point) to the front of the device, the back of the device, or the edge of the flip-out kickstand. The built-in sensor is even smart enough to automatically detect the kickstand's orientation and adjust the meter's zero point accordingly. This is perfect for measuring from a corner.Upgrade for even more features.Our lineup currently consists of three laser meter models: the 40m, the 60m, and the 80m. In addition to their range differences, the higher models pack additional features for the professional user. The 60m adds measurement data storage that enable you to instantly recall previously recorded area profiles, and the 80m adds functions such as angle and stakeout in addition to the storage ability. All models include a free carrying pouch, wrist strap, and batteries, and measure an identically portable, compact 4.8" x 1.77" x 1.02".