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Ivation Adult Swim Training Kickboard
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Adult Swim Training Kickboard

  • UPC Code: 840102143348
  • Easy, Enjoyable & Effective Way to Achieve Strong, Toned Legs While Swimming
  • Designed to Effectively Immobilize Arms, Thus Increasing Leg Workout Efficiency
  • Crafted of Premium Quality Buoyant Materials to Deliver Years of Continued Use
  • Keeps Face Out of Water for Maximum Enjoyment & Awareness During Workout
  • Ultra Light Design & Sleek, Attractive Finish Make it Perfect Public Pool Accessory

    Swim your way to strong, toned legs.
    Ivation Aqua’s Sport Training Kickboard effectively tones, sculpts, and strengthens your legs while you enjoy an invigorating swim. The benefits of swimming for full-body workout are unquestionable, and our kickboard helps target your legs and achieve unbelievable results at minimal cost. It immobilizes your arms and places the entire workload on your legs so each kick is part of an extra intense workout. The board is light yet built to last so it’s easy to transport, while its sleekly understated design makes it perfect for public use.

    Get an Intense Leg Workout
    Swimming is one of the ultimate forms of exercise as it works the entire body while remaining refreshing. The Sport Training Kickboard helps you channel the intensity of swimming to focus entirely on your legs, giving them a rigorous zone workout.

    Premium Quality Construction
    Our Sport Training Kickboard is built of lightweight, buoyant materials but that are sturdy enough to stand up to years of serious wear. Whether it’s at your personal pool or a public recreation center, this kickboard is sure to last you for nearly ever.

    Ultra-Effective Leg Targeting
    To give your legs the ultimate workout, the kickboard immobilizes your arms and forces your legs to do all the work of propelling you through the water. The result? You achieve strong, toned swimmer legs in half the time it would take at the gym!

    Holds Your Head High
    Sometimes you just don’t feel like getting your face and head wet. The Sport Training Kickboard keeps your head and upper torso out of the water, which also serves to keep you from getting winded before your legs really feel a good burn.

    Sleek Aqua Appearance
    As with all products in the Ivation lineup, our Sport Training Kickboard sports a sleek, makes it an attractive accessory for public use. You’ll also enjoy its lightweight build easily fits in a swim bag.