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Ivation Ivation 10-LED BBQ Light
Ivation Ivation 10-LED BBQ Light
Ivation Ivation 10-LED BBQ Light
Ivation Ivation 10-LED BBQ Light
Ivation Ivation 10-LED BBQ Light
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Ivation 10-LED BBQ Light

  • UPC Code: 840102104059
  • 10 Super-Bright LEDs Illuminate Your Grill Even on the Darkest Nights
  • 50,000-Hour Bulbs for a Lifetime of Steaks, Burgers & Chicken Wings
  • Adjustable Screw Clamp Fits Most Grill Handles up to 1.45" Diameter
  • Touch Sensitive Power Button Means Less Fumbling for a Switch
  • 3 Included AA Batteries Power Light up to 20 Continuous Hours

    Master Your Meat If you've ever overcooked a perfect rib eye or filet mignon at a dark nighttime barbeque, you probably haven't yet forgiven yourself. Well, the best way to make amends is by ensuring the same doesn't happen again, right? So whether mastering the grill was one of your New Years' resolutions or not, the Ivation 10-bulb LED grill light is the right tool for you. It outputs a flood of reliable bright light directly onto your grill grates, showing you exactly where you're laying down the 'licious. Grips Virtually Any Grill Whether your weapon of choice is a good-old-fashioned charcoal broiler or a more modernly equipped gas-powered flamer, the Ivation BBQ light takes a shine to your craft. Its adjustable c-clamp ensures a practically universal fit. In a matter of seconds, you can attach it to your grill's handle without any need for tools or force. Simply loosen the included mounting hardware by hand, and connect it as you see fit. It can then swivel and pivot, giving you maximum projection over your entire grilling area. It Can Take the Heat Not only is this lamp made of high quality materials for decades of durability, it actually incorporates heat-resistant ABS plastics for your peace of mind. That way you won't ever worry about the BBQ light melting down from the grill's high heat. In fact, you can safely use our lamp with all grills including gas, charcoal and electric models. And if your BBQ light should ever break down for whatever reason, remember the lifetime warranty that's included with your purchase. We'd be happy to replace it for you.