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Ivation Ivation Ammo Storage Box
Ivation Ivation Ammo Storage Box
Ivation Ivation Ammo Storage Box
Ivation Ivation Ammo Storage Box
Ivation Ivation Ammo Storage Box
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Ivation Ammo Storage Box

  • UPC Code: 840102181135

  • CONSTRUCTED TO MILITARY SPECIFICATION - .50 Cal Ammo Box Made to Precise Standards of the U.S. Military; Also Ideal for Storing .45, 9mm & .22 Rounds
  • MAXIMUM DURABILITY - Brand New Tactical Can is Comprised of Sturdy Steel That Won't Rust, Dent or Bend; Completely Waterproof & Airtight for Ultimate Security
  • PORTABLE CONVENIENCE - Slim Storage Box Features a Straight Carrying Handle for Easy Transport; Includes Built-In Latch Mechanism for Tight, Reliable Closure
  • STACKABLE DESIGN - Safely Pile & Assemble Multiple Cans in Rows as You Build Your Ammunition Collection; Great for Gun Cabinet Setup or Storeroom
  • MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE - Leak-Proof Rubber Seal Helps Preserve Small Valuables; Stow Your Coin Collection, Documents, Tools, Geocaching Items & More
  • Stay safe and prepared with a military staple. Sportsmen enjoy professional grade defense and fresh-from-the-factory reliability with the .50 Caliber Ammo Box by Ivation. Unlike repurposed military ammo cans, this newly constructed storage box features an indestructible steel body, waterproof and airtight rubber seals, and a hefty clasp closure for safely stowing your ammo collection. Each rustproof unit includes a built-in carrying handle for easily transporting your weapon's various rounds and accessories. Purchase multiple cans for safe, simple stacking near your gun cabinet, or keep one under the bed for your coin collection. No matter your tactical need, this durable can keeps you organized, portable-and protected! What You Get
    1 .50 Cal Ammo Box by Ivation Peace of mind in a carrying case Grab-and-go convenience for your bullet supply!Specs & Details Military Code: 9002 Material: Solid steel Airtight WaterproofHow to Enjoy Unload your ammo stash inside your new can Close the airtight clasp to block out water, dust, and other elements Stack them high, or carry one with youEnjoy solid tactical security in a small, convenient package!