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Ivation Ivation Ice Ball Maker Mold Tray
Ivation Ivation Ice Ball Maker Mold Tray
Ivation Ivation Ice Ball Maker Mold Tray
Ivation Ivation Ice Ball Maker Mold Tray
Ivation Ivation Ice Ball Maker Mold Tray
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Ivation Ice Ball Maker Mold Tray

  • UPC Code: 840102104943

  • Perfect for Ice Balls, Kids Ices & Dainty Desserts
  • Unique Molded Tray Design for Easy Maneuverability
  • Available in 4-Ball & 8-Ball Tray Versions
  • FDA & LFGB-Approved, BPA-Free, Food-Grade Silicon
  • Translucent Cover Allows You to See Liquid Fill Level - Easy to Clean; Dishwasher Safe
  • Don't put your drinks through a meltdown. Ice does a lot of good to a glass of whiskey, but water dilutes your drink. While traditional ice cubes can chill an ounce or two well enough, they usually melt too quickly to let you enjoy your libation to its fullest. Now don't cry over spilled bourbon, because we've got the perfect glass-clinking solution. Our Ivation ice ball mold trays yield 4 or 8 perfectly round 2.375-inch frozen spheres. These jewel-like ice balls have a larger outer surface than regular ice cubes, so they chill your drink a lot faster. More importantly, though, they melt much, much slower than other frozen cubes, keeping your drink's integrity intact. Now with a list of practical improvements. Our first-generation ice ball molds were such an impressive hit that we decided to make further improvements and offer an even better product. The newly colored second-generation version is made of silicon that not only exceeds FDA guidelines for food-grade silicon, but also meets Germany's LFGB standards, which are the highest in the world. A new MAX fill line on the cover coupled to a translucent cover allows you to achieve a perfect fill and perfect spheres every single time. In addition, two seal ridges provide better leak protection, while a cap-like cover tab makes it easier to grip when removing. Plain ice is just the tip of the iceberg. If you are a bit more spirited, the molds enable you to freeze chunks of lemon, lime, or cherry into the ice balls to add delicious fruit flavorings to your scotch or other booze of choice. And while that's all well, the fun mustn't stop here. While daddy is smooth-sipping with the big guys, our ice ball mold tray can be used to produce frozen treats for the kids. Work with anything from fruit juices to crushed fruits, and delight your little ones with exciting ball-shaped ices.