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Ivation Dry Towel - Cooling Towel Evaporative Sport/Travel Towel
Ivation Dry Towel - Cooling Towel Evaporative Sport/Travel Towel
Ivation Dry Towel - Cooling Towel Evaporative Sport/Travel Towel
Ivation Dry Towel - Cooling Towel Evaporative Sport/Travel Towel
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Dry Towel - Cooling Towel Evaporative Sport/Travel Towel

  • UPC Code: 840102127386

Cool down while drying off œ indoors or out.
Ivation's evaporative cooling towel is a favorite among both sports enthusiasts and outdoor workers looking for easy, instant relief from the intense heat of the sun. The towel's unique PVA technology absorbs water and self-cools during the evaporation process, remaining dry but delivering a chilly reprieve while you sweat during sports or outdoor activity. The towel is durable, easy to clean, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Also makes a wonderful gift idea of comfort and convenience for all ages!

Innovative PVA material.
Ivation is proud to offer this towel made of premium polyvinyl alcohol material. It holds water and keeps you cool without the cumbersome weight of a traditional towel. Simply run it under water, wring it out, and enjoy its instant chilling relief.

All-day-long comfort.
The unique fabric is blissfully soft and remarkably absorbent. It can actually retain a substantial amount of water œ up to eight times its own weight! œ ensuring that a single towel brings you the cooling relief and comfort you need for the entire day.

Dual-layer durability.
Featuring a second layer of polyester mesh, this cooling towel from Ivation effectively delivers extra long-lasting strength and years of resilience for endless use in sports, fitness routines, and other strenuous activity œ both indoors and out.

Generous towel size.
Measuring in at a generous 12 inches by 26 inches, this towel is the perfect size for all day use in even the most sweat-inducing environments. It cools down multiple areas of the body, and provides proper cooling even for the bulkiest of athletes.

Fits a full lifestyle.
From hiking to jogging to golfing to gardening to all outdoor activities, the Ivation evaporative cooling towel works everywhere you sweat. It is endlessly washable and reusable, cooling the entire body.

  • Innovative Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Material Offers Many Hours of Cooling Relief
  • Towel Holds Water & Moisture Up to 8x its Weight for Long-Lasting Performance
  • Extra Layer of Polyester Mesh Reinforcement Provides Extra Weight & Durability
  • Sizeable 12" X 32Towel is Perfect for Cooling Neck, Head, Arms, Legs, & Core
  • Ideal Companion for Hiking, Jogging, Golfing, Gardening & Outdoor Activities