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Ivation Serving Bowl With Vented Ice Chamber
Ivation Serving Bowl With Vented Ice Chamber
Ivation Serving Bowl With Vented Ice Chamber
Ivation Serving Bowl With Vented Ice Chamber
Ivation Serving Bowl With Vented Ice Chamber
Ivation Serving Bowl With Vented Ice Chamber
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Serving Bowl With Vented Ice Chamber

  • SKU: JUMGS001
  • UPC Code: 840102105551

Product Highlights:
  • Acrylic Serving Set with Ice Chamber Compartment is Separated From Bowl
  • Bowl with Domed Lid for Enhanced Freshness
  • Salad Serving Set with 4-Section Insert for Multiple Appetizers
  • Bowl and Lid are Made of Durable, Break-Resistant, Shatter-Proof Crystal Clear Acrylic - Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • Approximate Capacity: 6-1/2-quart Overall, 3 lbs of Shrimp, Salad for 10 Servings


    A Bowl with an Ice Bowel 

    At first glance, this Jumbl serving bowl may seem like yet another nice salad holder. But take a closer look and you'll discover an ingenious, innovative detail: The bowl's base is actually a hollow chamber that's designed to be filled with cubed or crushed ice, which in turn keep salads chilled all throughout your event. It's really simple and easy to use: Just fill the base with ice, position the vented grate over the ice, align the bowl with the base, and place the entire thing on the table. As the ice melts, the cool air rises through the vents and chills the food above it without turning it soggy. 

    Serving Utensils Included 

    Two serving utensils flank the bowl on either side. The wide spoon and fork hook onto the bowl itself. Although their curvature makes them uniquely suited for handling salads, they are very handy with most foods you choose to serve in the bowl. Also included is a domed lid that helps keep things fresh, and traps more of the cool air rising within the bowl. All pieces are made of a durable, break-resistant and shatterproof clear acrylic. Best of all, they are safe in the top rack of your dishwasher, making after-party cleanup that much easier on you. 

    Sectional Insert Included 

    What's better than an ice-chilled serving bowl? An ice-chilled serving bowl with four sections. Your purchase of the Jumbl ice serving bowl includes a sectional insert that's made of the same durable acrylic as the rest of the pieces. It easily slides into the bowl and perfectly aligns itself to create four sections in which you can serve a variety of cut vegetables, fruits, chips and pastas. It also features a fifth section in the center for holding dressings, dips and spreads. The ice keeps all five sections chilled, enabling you to set the table long before the guests arrive. You deserve to be hosting with a smile, don't you?