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Ivation Salad Bowl Set
Ivation Salad Bowl Set
Ivation Salad Bowl Set
Ivation Salad Bowl Set
Ivation Salad Bowl Set
Ivation Salad Bowl Set
Ivation Salad Bowl Set
Ivation Salad Bowl Set
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Salad Bowl Set

  • SKU: JUMGS033
  • UPC Code: 840102114973

Product Highlights:
  • 6.5-Quart Serving Bowl on Ice, with 4 Floating Salad Cups and Serving Spoon & Fork
  • Clever Bowl-on-Ice Design Keeps Salad/Pasta/Appetizer Chilled for Hours without Going Soggy
  • Removable Floating Salad Cups "Orbit" Around the Salad Bowl
  • Salad Bowl Set is made of Shatterproof Acrylic Clear Crystal
  • Bowl Made from acrylic, is BPA free, shatterproof, and designed for Easy Cleaning


    Convenience is now being served. 

    Serving a main vegetable or pasta salad along with its supporting dressings, dips, and other veggies used to take a slew of plates or containers and as much as half of the table's space. Now, with this orbit bowl design from Jumbl, everything comes together neatly and conveniently in one practical serving station. Your main salad goes in the large center bowl, and up to 4 sides can sit in the removable hook-on server cups that grace it 'all solar system fashion'. It also simplifies handing the entire dish to another diner. 

    Keeps food chilled for many hours. 

    At the bottom of the center bowl you'll find a round, vented chamber. This is designed to hold cubed or crushed ice, which keeps the food above it chilled at just the right temperature. Whether you're serving salad or pasta or compote, a little bit of ice at the bottom goes a long way in keeping it cold - especially during outdoor events. Want to use the bowl to keep food warm? Pour hot tap water into the chamber first, set it down on the table, and proceed to fill the bowl with hot dogs, hamburgers, and other goodies. 

    Serve creatively. Clean effortlessly. 

    The large acrylic serving bowl and its 4 removable server cups are the perfect solution for bringing together salads and some fixings, chips and an array of dips, hot dogs or hamburgers and all their associated toppings and sauces, and more. The bowl holds 6.5 quarts, and each side server cup holds 14 ounces. Included as a bonus are long-handle acrylic salad servers that keep hands sanitary and food hygienic. All pieces wash easily with a bit of soap and water. For even less hassle, simply throw them into the dishwasher.