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Ivation 12,000 BTU Portable AC w/ Dehumidifier Function
Ivation 12,000 BTU Portable AC w/ Dehumidifier Function
Ivation 12,000 BTU Portable AC w/ Dehumidifier Function
Ivation 12,000 BTU Portable AC w/ Dehumidifier Function
Ivation 12,000 BTU Portable AC w/ Dehumidifier Function
Ivation 12,000 BTU Portable AC w/ Dehumidifier Function
Ivation 12,000 BTU Portable AC w/ Dehumidifier Function
Ivation 12,000 BTU Portable AC w/ Dehumidifier Function
Ivation 12,000 BTU Portable AC w/ Dehumidifier Function
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12,000 BTU Portable AC w/ Dehumidifier Function

  • UPC Code: 840102194401

Product Highlights:
  • 5 modes of operation-auto, cool, dry, fan, and sleep
  • Can be used as a dehumidifier
  • Remote controller included

     Room-to-Room Relief
    Whether you roll it fast or grab it comfortably by the handles, our compact unit [34" x 17" x 15"] goes anywhere you do. Rely on its powerful, fast-acting refreshment as long as you have access to a standard power outlet
    Single-Hose System
    The included installation kit features one exhaust hose, expandable window adapters and all the accessories you need to have it up and running in no time
    Powerful Dehumidifying
    For fast relief in damp, sticky spaces, our convenient model acts as a dehumidifier to remove up to 61 pints of moisture a day
    5 Functional Modes
    Choose from cool, fan, dry, auto [automatically adjusts to programmed temperature] or sleep [economy mode]
    Adjustable Fan Speed
    Choose your ideal air strength in three easy increments [low, medium and high] via the remote control
    Adjustable Temperature
    Program temperature to the precise degree anywhere from 62°F (17°C) to 86°F (30°C)
    Flexible Display
    Toggle back and forth between °F and °C for easy temperature viewing
    If power is lost due to outage, the unit will automatically restart with the previous function setting approximately 3 minutes after the power resumes
    Sleep/Economy Mode
    Activate and the unit will automatically increase temperature by 2°F/1°C. After 30 minutes, the temperature will increase again and will be maintained for 7 hours before returning to the previously set temperature
    Electronic LED Display
    Features easy touch-button controls and a bright display interface to view set temperature, current temperature and drainage alerts
    Remote Control
    View current time, temperature and fully operate the air conditioner from a distance with the same modes and adjustable functions as the LED display [includes 2 AAA batteries]
    Drain Alert
    When using dry mode, the unit will "beep" 8 times to indicate water has reached maximum level and must be emptied
    Air Filter
    Periodically remove the air filter and clean (recommended every 2 weeks) for optimal performance
    7.54-Foot Power Cord
    Comes with an 7+ foot power cable, _Enjoy additional reach along walls, under accent rugs and around furniture

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    12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

     /><p class=Chill any space with the ultimate in portable performance!
    Traditional air conditioners get the job done, but they're big, bulky and block your beautiful windows. With the Portable Air Conditioner by Ivation, you can now enjoy the same quick-cooling action whenever and wherever a heat wave hits! Our 12,000 BTU model efficiently manages the ambient temperature of spaces up to 400 sq/ft, removing heat and humidity for your seasonal or year-round comfort. Designed for ultimate portability, the machine hides quietly in a corner, along the wall, or anywhere you have access to a small sliver of window space. Simply expand the included window adapter, put the hose in place and experience fast, cold, soothing respite with the touch of a remote.
     /></div><div class=NOTE: WINDOW VENTING REQUIRED
    Despite its exceptionally portable design, our air conditioner still requires access to a window or similar outdoor opening in order to effectively expel hot air from the room. Please note that this product will not work in a windowless room, basement, attic or crawlspace

     /><p><span class=Super Easy Installation
    No more lifting, straining, propping or dropping. Our travel-friendly AC glides effortlessly from room to room on its built-in caster wheels, requiring absolutely no complex setup at all. Just expand the provided adapter kit in a cracked slider or double hung window, run the exhaust hose and enjoy cool, quiet comfort.

     /><p><span class=cool, or for subtle air movement, choose fan. Have a hot, sticky basement or crawlspace? Select dry to dehumidify. And for easy, green performance, opt for auto or sleep.

     /><p><span class=Low Maintenance Upkeep
    When the water reservoir needs to be emptied, the unit will beep 8 times and the display will read "P1." Remove excess condensation by manually emptying the collection tray. For continuous maintenance, you can also install the provided hose and reroute water to a nearby bucket or floor drain. Your AC also comes complete with an easy washable air filter, so there's never a need for expensive replacement parts. Just rinse it out every couple of weeks to keep airflow fresh.

  • Rated voltage: 115V AC
  • Frequency: 60H0z
  • Rated current: 11.8A
  • BTU/hr: 12,000
  • Air conditioner
  • Assembly materials
  • Remote controller with 2 AAA batteries