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Ivation 5,100 BTU Infrared Electric Fireplace
Ivation 5,100 BTU Infrared Electric Fireplace
Ivation 5,100 BTU Infrared Electric Fireplace
Ivation 5,100 BTU Infrared Electric Fireplace
Ivation 5,100 BTU Infrared Electric Fireplace
Ivation 5,100 BTU Infrared Electric Fireplace
Ivation 5,100 BTU Infrared Electric Fireplace
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5,100 BTU Infrared Electric Fireplace

  • SKU: IVAIFFP1500
  • UPC Code: 840102168242

Product Highlights:
  • Infrared Quartz Fireplace Heater
  • No fuel or external venting needed
  • 3 commercial grade quartz infrared elements
  • Realistic flame effect with adjustable brightness, with or without heat
  • Digital thermostat control
  • Fan with built-in air filter
  • On and off timer
  • Remote control
  • Tip-over and overheat automatic safety shutoff
  • Wood cabinet
  • Easy-rolling casters
  • No assembly required

    Easy Digital Control

    Maintain your ideal temperature with pinpoint precision with the fireplace's builtin LCD control panel. The thermostat features preset low heat [1,000W], high heat [1,500W], and an eco energy saving mode [68°F]. Users can also adjust to their desired degree among other controls:

    • Power Switch: Quickly powers the unit on and off
    • °C/°F Button: Toggles between Celsius and Fahrenheit
    • Temp Down Button: Decreases the set temperature
    • Temp Up Button: Increases the set temperature
    • Timer Button: Engages the adjustable timer [1 hour increments up to 12 hours
    • Heater Mode Button: Toggles between low, high, and eco modes

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    Cozy up to a beautiful no-fuss fireplace!
    Do you love the warm, inviting atmosphere of a classic wood-burning fireplace? Skip the messy, dangerous flames and embers with the Infrared Quartz Fireplace by Ivation. This heater helps warm any insulated space in your home without the hassle of smoke, kindling, or cleanup. The unit's lifelike display portrays a relaxing scene of dancing flames amidst a base of brilliantly burning logs and shimmering cinders. Just adjust to reach your ideal temperature [50°F to 90°F variable] and brightness via the built-in control panel or remote control, then sit back and watch the dazzling light show. The electric fireplace's gorgeous dark oak wood cabinet, smooth rolling casters, and simple 3-prong power cord add appeal to an already amazing piece of home d残or.

    Quartz Infrared Elements
    Unlike high maintenance wood burning and other style fireplaces, Ivation's unit harnesses the safe, good power of three quartz infrared elements. These flameless heating components achieve the same warming effect as forced air without the dry, uncomfortable results.

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    So you can experience a truly relaxing environment, the fireplace includes an additional handheld thermostat for adjusting the unit's settings. Sit back, unwind, and initiate the same heat, brightness, and timer programs from the comfort of your couch. Remote requires 2 AAA batteries.

    Realistic Roaring Fire
    Snuggle up and watch the infrared fireplace as its interior bulbs simulate the impressively lifelike detail of burning flames. Whether the heat's on or off, you can use the remote control's dimmer to adjust the scene's brightness [low, medium, high] for a perfectly tranquil ambiance.

    Advanced Safety Components
    Beyond its flameless, smokeless design, the heater comes equipped with two unique auto-shutoff features for your family's safety. If the fireplace falls over, an internal switch automatically powers the unit off. Likewise, the heater will shut down if its sensors detect possible overheating or fire risk.

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    This fully portable fireplace comes in a durable MDF cabinet with decorative oak wood veneer and mock mantle. Four smooth-rolling wheels help you move it around to warm individual areas all throughout your home. Its traditional lines and handsome color match any existing d残or.

    Total Ease of Operation
    The Infrared Quartz Fireplace is simple to use and effortless to maintain with its built-in fan and air filter. The 23.6" x 10.6" x 19.2" unit arrives fully assembled and ready to plug in and enjoy. Designed to maintain heat in already insulated rooms, the heater can take up to 24 hours to heat a cold space.

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  • Heater: 3-element infrared quartz
  • Heat settings: high / low / ECO (maintains a constant 68°)
  • Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 1000W / 1500W BTU rating: 5,100 (Max.)
  • Thermostat setting: variable 50°F - 90°F (10°C - 32°C)
  • Timer: Up to 12 hrs. in 1 hr. increments
  • Brightness adjustment: 3 levels
  • Remote control power source: 2 AAA batteries, not included
  • Safety device: tip-over and overheat protection automatic shutoff
  • Dimensions: 23.6" x 10.6" x 19.2"
  • Weight: 36.3 lbs.
  • Infrared quartz fireplace heater
  • Remote control unit
  • User guide